This Article shows the developing problem with Sperm donation. Just like other kinds of “adoption” it makes sense that those that are born as a result of donor gametes would like to know where they came from. This is a Canadian Test case that should be watched carefully
Servant of God Jerome LeJeune, pray for us!

National Post | News

The potential risk of introducing a Northern Ontario toddler to his genetic father at this point in his life is too major to be ignored, a judge has ruled in turning down a sperm donor’s bid for interim access to the boy, now being raised by his biological mother and her lesbian partner.

The decision marks the first round in a key test case of the uncertain law around exchanges of human sperm and egg, as increasing numbers of Canadian children are born by “assisted” reproduction.

A full trial is scheduled for this October to consider the man’s demand for paternity rights – and add some clarity to the tangled issue – but Rene deBlois had requested access to the boy pending the final wrap-up of the case.


The two women had argued that Tyler Lavigne, who has never met Mr. deBlois, might become confused and insecure if the…

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I am a board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist who practiced in the IVF world for 15 years. After seeing the damage that these treatments were causing couples and the complete commodification of life, fueled by a deeper understanding of my Roman Catholic faith, I left the field in 2010. I am currently praying for an end to the culture of death, and have opened the offices of Downers Grove OBGYN with my colleague Dr. Robert Lawler.
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